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A.Superior electrical performance.
B.The antenna adopts carbon fiber material with light weight, high gain and low side lobe.
C.Fast initial pointing.
D.Auto tracking of polarization, the low frequency slip ring and high frequency joint are used to assure continuous rotation of azimuth of antenna.
E.High automation, the work can be performed automatically by only selecting the tracked satellite without manual intervention.
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Model NoCOTM500-A
Ku band
Operational FrequencyTx13.75锝?/span>14.50 GHz
Rx10.7锝?/span>12.75 GHz
Gain (Mid Band)Tx35.0+20lg(f/14.25) dBi
Rx34.0+20lg(f/12.50) dBi
VSWRTx:1.5, Rx:1.5
CPI (On Axis, linear)30dB
Tx/Rx Isolation85dB
Power capability100W

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