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More Information UTM锛?/strong>
GMP facility to ensure product quality.
On the basis of Hanks solution , Bovine Serum Albumin V and Virus-stable ingredients such as HEPES are added. The medium maintains virus activity over a wide temperature range which facilitates the extraction of nucleic acid for the subsequent sampling and viral culture.
Red cap with warning function is adopted to prevent confusion and reduce pollution risk.
Flocking Swab 2.5x150mm (Stick),3cm break point for throat swab , 8cm and 10cm break point for nasal swab.
Transport tube锛毾?6X95/蠁16X98(10ml).
Transport medium锛?ml/tube.
Biohazard specimen bag锛? "x6鈥?/p>
YH020110 ml tube with 3 ml UTM, a throat swab and a Biohazard specimen bagYH-IIactivate

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