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Recommended applications:Suitable for high temperature bearing under medium and low speed heavy load conditions;Metallurgy, cement industry sinter, a variety of high temperature furnace bearing;Ceramic, textile baking equipment chains and bearings, gears, etc
Packaging:500G銆?KG銆?6KG銆?8KG銆?80KG.(Customized packaging is available)
Typical data
Test ItemDetection StandardUnitThe numerical
AppearanceVisual inspection-White
Base oil viscosity锛?40C掳锛?/p>GB/J265mm虏/s420
Low temperature pointGB/T 3535鈩?/p>-23
DensityGB/T 1884g/cm鲁1.96
Cone Penetration锛? times锛?5鈩?/p>GB/T 2691/10 mm339
Wire Mesh oil separation锛?4h,100鈩冿級SH/T 0324%9.73

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