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Juang Jia Guoo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1950.
We are professional manufacturer of paper bag in Taiwan which focuses on producing paper bag of every variety for over 60 years. The brief history of our company is as list below :
1950 JJG was founded
1975 Develop 銆嶧ruit Protection Bag銆?/p>
1980 Innovate 銆嶨reaseprooF Bag銆弒uccessfully replace mass plastic bag.
1984 Award 銆嶦xcellent Manufacturer銆廱y the Ministry Economic Affairs
1995 Award 銆嶮cDonald Safety and Healthy Supplier銆?/p>
GMP Applied
1998 Supply for KFC, Burger King, Lotteria, Mos....etc.
2004 Brought in Perforated machine and Increased the production yield
HACCP Authorized
2008 Export to The USA , Australia , Japan , China , Korea , Southeast As

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