LowSwing Records and Brinkmann Audio collaborate on new Album to be released on 7th of May

— Alon Lotringer’s “In Light” Offers Superb Artistry and Sonics —

LowSwing Records and Brinkmann Audio are proud to announce their collaboration on the album, “In Light” by singer and multi-instrumentalist Alon Lotringer. An accomplished songwriter and producer known for his unique and personal song writing and refined, crossgenre production style, Alon’s albums have been critically acclaimed in his native Israel, where his previous album “Ground” was nominated for “Album of the Decade.”

“In Light” was recorded at the end of October 2020, with the majority of its songs written the same year especially for this recording and with the specific musicians and recording techniques in mind. They represent Lotringer’s signature songwriting style and unique mixture of influences from old school R&B and Folk to Art Rock and Ambient music. The album was produced by Guy Sternberg & Alon Lotringer at LowSwing Studio and cut in lacquer at Emil Berliner Studios, both of which are located in Berlin.

The Basic tracks were recorded live in the LowSwing Studio on 28 October 2020 with legendary musicians Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Ornette Coleman, Bob Dylan), Earl Harvin (Tindersticks, Air, The The, Jeff Beck), Thomas Moked Blum (Fink, Patricia Kaas) and later overdubbed by Alon and guest musicians including British singer Lianne Hall.

LowSwing Recordings are recorded and mixed to analogue tape and then cut directly to vinyl. No computers, digital mixing or AD/DA conversion are used in the mastering process. The album utilizes LowSwing’s unique collection of vintage equipment and instruments from the 1960’s and ‘70’s, much of which has been modified to the studio’s exacting requirements. The mesmerizing cover artwork is the 2018 watercolor on paper painting “Im Wasser 1” by renowned artist Martin Dammann.

“In Light” is available exclusively on vinyl. Two editions will be released: a standard 140g disc pressed at Schallplattenfabrik Pallas and a “Deluxe” edition, limited to 500 copies. Packaged in a luxurious gatefold cover and pressed at Nordsø Records, a boutique pressing plant based in Denmark the Deluxe Edition is manufactured using a unique “one-step plating” process which eliminates two of the three plating steps, thereby reducing loss and improving sound quality. This Deluxe Edition is produced in co-operation with highend marque Brinkmann Audio, manufacturer of the world’s finest turntables and audio components.

Quality of the test pressing has been verified on a Brinkmann Audio Balance turntable driving a full Brinkmann System, with a Bardo direct drive turntable used for quality control. Dr. Matthias Lück, Partner, Brinkmann Audio, served as Executive Producer for this Deluxe Edition. “Brinkmann Audio is unique for producing every component in the playback chain, from source through amplifiers,” said Dr. Lück. “Producing our own, ultrahigh-quality recordings gives Brinkmann the ability to control every variable in the playback process.”

Alon Lotringer “In Light” will be released on 7 May 2021 on LowSwing Records. Vinyl 12“ LP 140g; Duration: 34:35 min; CAT. NO.: LOSW006

About LowSwing Records: A record label dedicated to the love of music in the analogue format LowSwing recordings are recorded and mixed to analogue tape, and then cut directly to vinyl. The heart of the label is LowSwing Recording Studio in Berlin (www.lowswing.de), where owner Guy Sternberg records, mixes and produces exciting new artists with the production values of yesteryear. For more information, please contact Guy Sternberg info@lowswing-records.com

About Brinkmann Audio: Founded in 1985 by Helmut Brinkmann, Brinkmann Audio is one of the few companies to design and manufacture every source and electronic component in the audio playback chain. All Brinkmann Audio components are handcrafted in Germany from German-made parts and subassemblies. For more information, please contact Matthias Lück matthias@brinkmann-audio.com


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